Isn't it frustrating to look in the mirror at your own saddlebags and love handles? Nothing crushes the spirit quite like those areas of stubborn fat — especially if you work hard to eat right and stay active.


Liposuction has always been an option, but you might feel like you don't have room in your life for downtime or scarring.


On the other hand, when you strive to be healthy, don't you deserve to be able to wear what you want, to be 100% confident at the beach, or to be proud when you look in the mirror?



Take Control of Excess Fat

In today's advanced world of cosmetic surgery, many procedures that were once out of reach, are now safer, simpler, and more accessible.


State of the art technology allows us to perform liposuction on body areas beyond the traditional thighs, waist, and abdomen. And while the best liposuction candidate is near their ideal weight, larger volumes of fat can be removed in certain situations.


Our doctors and staff will discuss all the details of liposuction with you during your initial consultation. The doctors are committed to providing each patient with a thorough evaluation to ensure that they understand your goals and are able to provide you with realistic expectations.


The cost of any plastic surgery procedure will always vary based on individual needs and situations. Liposuction prices can also depend on the body area, or areas, being treated. The only way to receive pricing information for your surgery is to be evaluated during your initial consultation.


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