If you're like most women, you want to feel confident in a bikini. You'd like to be comfortable with how you fill out your clothes. And you certainly deserve to feel sexy in the bedroom. To achieve this, you want something more than just a top of the line bra or padded bikini.


You can find just the extra "oomph" you want through a breast augmentation. Perhaps you've avoided surgery in the past, for fear of "downtime" or scarring. While it's smart to consider such issues, it's also important to realize how far plastic surgery has advanced.



Treat Yourself to a New Image
Breast Augmentation Overview

Breast augmentation surgery is ideal for anyone who would like a more attractive, feminine contour. This desire may be a result of genetics, pregnancy, or excessive weight loss.

The Incision
The breast augmentation incision may be placed in one of three places - either in the crease beneath the breasts, along the lower border of the areola, or through the underarms. During your initial consultation, the doctor will explain the benefits of each, and determine the method that is best suited to your needs.

Breast Implant & Placement
Saline tends to be the breast implant of choice throughout the industry, but you certainly have options. You and the doctor can discuss your choices during the initial consultation. There is also the option to have the implant placed behind or in front of the muscle. Each method has its own benefit, and should also be discussed during the consultation.

The cost of any plastic surgery procedure depends on individual circumstances and needs. The general price range in Chicago tends to be around $6500-7500. However, the only way to determine specific pricing for your situation, is to discuss it with your doctor during your consultation.


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